Aussie X deliver In-school, camp and community-based sport and wellness programs designed to have an extraordinary impact on all who participate.

Programs are safe, engaging and inclusive. Using Australian sports of Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Rugby and Netball as the vehicle, we help kids embrace change & NEW IDEAS so that they can grow on a personal level. The engaging Aussie cultural experience and new sports level the playing field so that all kids no matter their level of skill or ability, can actively participate and enjoy the feeling of getting active.

All programs are built around the three core values of Havin’ a Go (try new things), Goodonya Mate (praise others) and You Little Rippa (celebrate Havin’ a Go).

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Wrapped around all Aussie X programs are 3 fundamental core values:

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Aussie X is an in-school program that teaches Canadian students the life-changing power of sport and community through Australian rules football. Susan Hay reports:
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