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Aussie X: The Australian sports programs. Founders Kaela Bree and Emile Studham, both from Melbourne, Australia came together through their life commitment for impacting the way physical, mental, emotional and social health programs are delivered in the education system.

Studham, a Semi-Pro Aussie Rules Football player and Phys. Ed teacher studied Kinesiology at Western University (London, Ontario) in 2003. During this time, he launched a Junior Aussie Rules Football Development Program on behalf of the professional league in schools throughout Canada. He saw over 11,200 student in 1 year. Bree, a powerful business-mind and life-long student of neuroscience and mental health, started her first business at age 11, landed a role on Australia’s longest running TV show at 20 and launched a national leadership and Anti-bullying theatre show in Australia that saw close to 60,000 children at 21.

In 2008, Studham and Bree joined forces and founded Aussie X: Australian sporting programs as the first step to changing the game of wellness programs in education.


Let the Games Begin

Aussie X launched their Aussie Rules Football program in Schools in Ontario with huge success. They saw over 30,000 kids in 1 year. Aussie X partnered with the Ontario Australia Football League (OAFL) to deliver a 3-year Youth at Risk project funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation supported by Toronto Police Department.


Two New Programs

Launched two new ‘Aussie’ sports programs, Cricket and Netball. Continued the great work with the Ontario Trillium Foundation Youth at Risk Project. Partnered with RBC in Vancouver to deliver their In-School Cricket Wicket programs.  Continued to improve their programs to be more focused on getting the inactive kids engaged in Phy. Ed through creating a level playing field and connecting movement to FUN!


A BIG Year

Aussie X in full swing now, with their three sports of Aussie Rules Football, Netball and Cricket, Aussie X reached over 100,000 kids. A global board of advisors assembled with experts from the fields of mental health, physical activity, education and business. Aussie X programs revamped to deliver the three life lessons of ‘Have a Go’ – try new things, ‘Goodonya Mate’ – energy you give off, is the energy you get back and ‘You Little Rippa’ – celebrate even the smallest of wins. More focus on helping the ‘non-sporty’ kids experience the joy and exhilaration of movement.

Dragon’s Den Win

Aussie X made headlines and gained national exposure through their win on CBC’s Dragons Den. Aussie X also launched their International Outreach programs in Kenya, India and Jamaica.

Elite Team Performance

At the end of the year, we experienced a ground-breaking program from Australia called ‘Elite Team Performance’. The program was simple but aligned us like never before. Our Team decided that we are here to have an ‘eXtraordinary Impact’ on everyone we come in contact with…from the students to principals to office ladies to the janitor.. AND especially on each other.


Are we having an eXtraordinary impact?

Are we ready for GROWTH? Aussie X received interest to launch programs in all major provinces throughout Canada and some states in USA. We spent the year focusing on tweaking our programs, systems and operations to ensure we are having an eXtraordinary Impact on all we come in contact with. A pilot satellite office launched in Calgary, programs continued in Vancouver and Ontario. This was also the last year of the 3 year Trillium funded Youth at Risk project. It was a great success with  the creation of the first Junior Ontario Australian Football League in Ontario. The project was nominated for a GREAT GRANTS award from the Trillium Foundation. This year also saw the EPIC Footy Cup carnival event for 300 Youth at Risk kids funded by Macquarie Private Wealth. Over 150,000 kids now through the program.


Kicking Goals

With a passionate and dedicated team, Aussie X impacted over 220,000 kids through In-School and Camp programs. The Cricket, Netball and Footy programs were more powerful than ever through strengthening the underlying core values of the program: Havin’ a Go, Goodonya Mate and You Little Rippa.


Shhh…. What’s Next

Aussie X are busy working on A LOT of exciting new initiatives including a whole new direction for the organization.

Aussie X will be making a big announcement towards the middle of the year.. stay tuned!!!

Our impact is real

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